Soulful Sexuality & Empowerment Coach and Tarotista

I believe the ultimate act of rebelliousness as women, specially as women of color, is reclaiming our pleasure and right to thrive!

I'm a Multi-cultural woman.

I heard the call of the Sacred and trained as a priestess and healer since age 12.

I'm committed to the Way of The Goddess, and the empowerment & sexual healing of Her children.

My approach is Trauma  Aware, Feminist, Mystical, Taoist (Jade Egg) & Somatic.

I'm a VITA™ certified Coach & Ontological Integral Coach

Work with Me

It is my commitment to offer my medicine, my skills and life experience to support women on their journey back to the Wild.

Love yourself unapologetically, let's map the road back to wholeness  as we Celebrate the Mysteries of Womanhood by: being guided by the wisdom of our bodies.

Let's listen lovingly and tent to our wombs, and sacred Pussy, connecting to the magic of our pleasure, and reclaiming our sacredness, this is what I describe as the Way of the Goddess.
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This is why I am creating this space for us to work together.

Visit my Work With Me page, and let's arrange a free call.

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Work With Me
I believe that sexual energy is life force.

We have learned to fear and condemn sexuality, but in doing so we are disconnecting ourselves from the very energy that flows through us, like an invisible river, and brings us back into wholeness. 

Sexuality can be the magical essence that connects us to aliveness, empowerment, self-love, playfulness, and inner nourishment.

Sexuality can be the highest form of meditation and spiritual alchemy. 

Feeling Safe in your Body

This mini course will teach you how to access the messages of your body, in a simple, and practical way. 
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Unbroken; Inner Alchemy Journey

We will work together for 4 months, with practices designed specifically for you, to help you connect to your pleasure and power
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Working with Sasha has been a dream! Sasha holds incredible space and has helped me access my deep body wisdom in order to become more embodied and get the results I desire.

 Her level of knowledge and capacity to know exactly what I need in each and every moment is impressive. 

Highly recommend working with Sasha if you are wanting to feel the depth of your pleasure, beauty, joy, and bliss!
Tegan Dunn
That single session felt more productive and powerful than an entire year of therapy that I have done with my "certified LPC" therapist...
M. C.
 Sasha has such a beautiful presence and such beautiful vitalizing energy. Her intuition borders on the magical and can hold clients in such a space of love and support and enlightenment! Working with her will most definitely leave an impact! 
Samra S.
 Sasha holds a space for others that is so loving and kind. She really has a unique gift for bringing others into their own power and has such a magical, intuitive, and giving presence. I highly recommend working with Sasha - she is amazing! 
Demetra Nyx
Sasha is a deeply wise & powerful coach, who has a prominent ability to make you feel incredibly safe, heard & lovingly understood. Coming into session with Sasha, I feel my nervous system immediately breath a sigh of relief. Sasha has helped me to understand things about myself, that were begging to be revealed. As a result, my business, pleasure & my personal power have all been elevated. I highly, highly, highly recommend working with Sasha & am so honoured to sing her praises.
M.K. New Zealand
I’ve had the privilege of calling Sasha my coach. Being under her guidance has been an absolute gift in my personal journey towards wholeness.

Sasha’s breadth of knowledge in terms of tools and approaches is extensive and absolutely masterful and her innate gifts in intuition and empathy are out of this world. My first session with her was like diving into a profound and intimate journey with the safest, most loving mentor, it was as if I’d known her my whole life. She has guided me towards facing core wounding while feeling so held that what had in the past felt unimaginably terrifying became nourishing, healing and life affirming. Sasha doesn’t skip a beat.

Although I came to her in search of support for a sexual awakening, she understood that each and every blockage that came to the surface was relevant to me reaching my goal. She genuinely cares about holistic healing. Her coaching reflects this, and her transmission and unbelievably on point intuition make her a powerful teacher and healer. If anyone has the opportunity to invest in themselves, this is how, this is whom with hands down. Let the healing and flowering begin! Thank you, Sasha
Melanie Jocanta, The Body Cure
Sasha coached me around extreme relationship anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, and self loathing.  

She was always present, even between sessions, and gave me tools for managing difficult emotions and allowing space for growth towards self love.  

Her techniques were more experiential than cognitive, something I could not get from traditional psychotherapy.  

Sasha is brilliant and often had insights about my psyche and inner children that were like beacons of light in a dark room, and her way of expressing these insights with analogies and stories was powerful.  

There are still places in my town where I walk or bike and say to myself "I remember this place because it is where Sasha told me X."  

I cannot recommend Sasha highly enough as a coach, for her passion and commitment to the mutual project of growth with her clients.  I am privileged to call Sasha a coach and a friend.
M. C.