Answering symbols meditation by Sasha Cueto

Answering symbols meditation

A brief powerful meditation to bring you some clarity when in need.

Read the instructions carefully, and make sure to message me if you are in doubt about the message you receive.

What is this & how to use it?

Symbols are the first language of our mind.

We learned to understand symbols since we were living in caves.

Symbols connect us to our memories, to our emotions, to our deepest wisdom.

This meditation will help you connect to this wisdom.

First you need to have a clear question, the clearer the question, the clearer the answer.

Ej: Why is this person triggering me?
How can I react to this situation?

Then follow the super brief meditation.
This meditation was inspired in the Hoffman Process.

When you receive an object it will likely be accompanied by a memory or an emotional reaction.

That ballon that made you smile and feel joy.
That flower that made you remember the first time somebody gifted you flowers...

And that is your answer.
Your answer is joy. Or embracing the situation with that same sense of novelty and romanticism (Just to give an example)

So, explore your symbols. If it is not clear enough, explore again.

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I use VITA™  methodology, Archetypal Tarot and exploration, Dreamwork, Meditation, Bioenergetics, Bodywork, Breathwork, and Taoist practices. 

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