The world is on fire, and I am burning with her.

The world is on fire because of the greed of some.

It is on fire due to the cruelty of others.

It is on fire thanks to the apathy of so many.

It is burning down as women are raped and their rights mocked.

It is burning as kids are held in cages. 
It is burning and we are burning with her, in our alchemical process of calcination.

As above so below, as is the inside so is the outside.

Therefore let us burn, as we embrace our inner flame and use it to transform what does not belong here anymore:

The abuse... Let it burn! 
Fascism... Let that fucker burn! 
The murdering greed... Burn!

Grandfather Fire: masterful and ruthless teacher, stop taking the Amazon and start burning inside the heart of humanity. Awaken us into our true glory.

Burn the lead, let us become the gold.

Daring to feel

A common misunderstanding about my work, as a sex, love & empowerment coach - or just as a coach, damn, even as a woman posting on the web- is that one is always happy, full of pleasure, joy, abundance and bliss.

Like these lies social media feed us where we believe the smiley faces we see online are true all the time.

Like this lie we believe about sex where we think it is all about "yes, yes, yes" sensations... Hiding our "ouch, not there, not now, not like this" moments. 
In life, as in sex, the tears are part of the journey. The pain, the anger, the sorrow, the struggle, the fear and nostalgia, are all part of the journey.

In life, as in sex, we can laugh and we can cry or if you are like me, you can do both at the same time.

I just want to tell you, wherever in life you are right now, it is okay.
It is okay to have all the feels.

Allowing your body to feel all her sensations and to let them move through you wisely is what life and sex are about.

There are ways to move these sensations, to create safety for you to experience them.

But right now all I want you to know is that it is valid to feel other than happy.
It is valid to feel fear.
It is valid to feel anger.
It is valid to feel insecure.
It is valid to feel sad.
It is valid to feel envy. Yes, it is.

Envy is a sensation I could write a ton about. But in the meantime, know, it is valid to feel whatever you feel. There is a message that emotion is telling you.

There is wisdom these emotions are pointing towards.

Usually they could signal:
A boundary that has been traspassed
A desire unfulfilled
A dream that is going sour because you are not living it
A step you are afraid of taking
A deep need of validation, knowing if is okay to exist as you
A wound that is not closed yet

Just to mention a few.

If any of these are true to you, I want you to know, you are not alone. These emotions are fine, they are a guiding compass... Listen, listen carefully, there is gold at the end of the rainbow, after the storm is gone. 
I am here for you... To validate your emotions, whichever they are.

Leave me a message with an emotion you have felt recently, I'll start (in the comments) 
Written with love

Parts of You

What if I told you you are not you, but a whole village?
You are a Pollaroid picture mosaic. 
If I told you inside of you dwells a whole group of different "you's", we'll call them Parts, trying to be in control. And when one is in charge, they forget the existance of the rest of your Parts.

I am not speaking about schizophrenia, but about an everyday person's psyche.

Our psyche is fragmented in "pollaroid" moments from relevant times, where a Part was born. 
That time you had to be quiet, and obedient, in order to avoid a horrible conflict. Click. Pollaroid moment. A Part was born. A part that thinks survival depends on her obedience and silence.

That time you were furious and yelled and felt so free by doing so. Click. A Part was born. One that knows fury can gain her respect.

That time you were embarrassed by your family for masturbating. Click. Pollaroid moment. A Part that believed sex is shameful was born.

That time you felt so sexy and free for breaking the rules... You got it... Pollaroid moment. New Part...
We could go on an on. 
When a part is in control she forgets the existance of the rest.

We have very disempowering Parts. They were born out of fear and pain.
But we have courageous, powerful, radiant parts too.

They are just as real. They are also your nature.

Our duality, our complexity, is the very one thing that makes us so powerful.

All these parts are real. All these parts are you. All these parts have a reason to exist.

At some level, at some point, it all makes sense, my love.

Your pain, your sense of being lost. Your loneliness, that is just followed by power, courage, endurance. It all makes sense.

You are not broken. You just need to see the whole mural of mosaics that has been created by the pollaroid moments of your life.

You just need to embrace them, and love them. They make sense. I promise you they do.

Written with much love.

I am Evil

I am evil.
I am wicked, cruel and dark.

Also, I am holy, divine, loving, gentle, and kind.

Both are parts of me. Both coexist, but one of these used to live in the shadows, hidden, denied her right to exist, "under control." But should she?

I mean, obviously, I wouldn't do anything regrettable, or unspeakable from this darkness, but this scary part of me is the antihero that keeps me safe.

She is the part that is unafraid of lashing out when in danger.

She is the part that says: Oh, don't be fooled by my kindness, I have a serious crazy bitch living inside of me, I just choose to not let her smack you, but damn, does she wants to.

Once I had this dream/ initiation where I saw myself connecting to my higher self, by drinking from a sacred cup at a sacred pond... I could feel the holy unity with the divine... And then I looked through the window of that sacred temple and saw my darker parts raising too... All journey to the higher worlds is accompanied by a journey to the underworld.

Actually, it is below where we start.
Innana traveled to the underworld to bring her lover back to life, and so did Isis, Persefone rules this world fearlessly!

We've been conditioned to fear our darkness, to feel like it is an enemy we should dominate and defeat... but we are only limiting the range of our complexity, power, and expression, by removing the parts that make us stronger, fearless and untameable.
I want to invite you to celebrate your darkness, just as much as you celebrate your light.
To celebrate yourself in all of your complexity, and then, just then might your journey be complete, and your true self is embraced.

I'll be guiding a group of brave women during this journey on my Jade Priestess Training.
The link is in my bio

I will guide you through a journey to rescue these parts of yourself from the underworld, and reconnect to life from a place of pleasure and healing.
Join me while there are places open.

Also, I am offering two half-price scholarships (the full one is taken) to two lucky ladies. Just send me a message telling me why you should have it, to participate.

Erotic Soul Healer & Jade Egg Coach Extraordinaire

I help people reconnect to the radiance of their heart, by creating a safe container for them to explore, love and heal themselves and embrace their fabulous complexity.

I use VITA™  methodology, Archetypal Tarot and exploration, Dreamwork, Meditation, Bioenergetics, Bodywork, Breathwork, and Taoist practices. 

I am a certified sex, love and relationships coach by the Tantric School of Integrated Sexuality with majors in Female Sexuality and Jade Egg.