Sex & Empowerment Coach | Heart Priestess

I help people reconnect to the radiance of their heart, by creating a safe container for them to explore, love and heal themselves and embrace their fabulous complexity.

I use Archetypal understanding, Dreamwork, Meditation, Bodywork, Breathwork, and Taoist practices. 

I am a certified sex coach by the Tantric School of Integrated Sexuality with majors in Female Sexuality and Jade Egg.


I’ve had the privilege of calling Sasha my coach. Being under her guidance has been an absolute gift in my personal journey towards wholeness.

Sasha’s breadth of knowledge in terms of tools and approaches is extensive and absolutely masterful and her innate gifts in intuition and empathy are out of this world. My first session with her was like diving into a profound and intimate journey with the safest, most loving mentor, it was as if I’d known her my whole life. She has guided me towards facing core wounding while feeling so held that what had in the past felt unimaginably terrifying became nourishing, healing and life affirming. Sasha doesn’t skip a beat.

Although I came to her in search of support for a sexual awakening, she understood that each and every blockage that came to the surface was relevant to me reaching my goal. She genuinely cares about holistic healing. Her coaching reflects this, and her transmission and unbelievably on point intuition make her a powerful teacher and healer. If anyone has the opportunity to invest in themselves, this is how, this is whom with hands down. Let the healing and flowering begin! Thank you, Sasha
Melanie Jocanta, The Body Cure


Working with Sasha has been a dream! Sasha holds incredible space and has helped me access my deep body wisdom in order to become more embodied and get the results I desire.

 Her level of knowledge and capacity to know exactly what I need in each and every moment is impressive. 

Highly recommend working with Sasha if you are wanting to feel the depth of your pleasure, beauty, joy, and bliss!
Tegan Dunn
That single session felt more productive and powerful than an entire year of therapy that I have done with my "certified LPC" therapist...
M. C.
 Sasha has such a beautiful presence and such beautiful vitalizing energy. Her intuition borders on the magical and can hold clients in such a space of love and support and enlightenment! Working with her will most definitely leave an impact! 
Samra S.
 Sasha holds a space for others that is so loving and kind. She really has a unique gift for bringing others into their own power and has such a magical, intuitive, and giving presence. I highly recommend working with Sasha - she is amazing! 
Demetra Nyx
Sasha is a deeply wise & powerful coach, who has a prominent ability to make you feel incredibly safe, heard & lovingly understood. Coming into session with Sasha, I feel my nervous system immediately breath a sigh of relief. Sasha has helped me to understand things about myself, that were begging to be revealed. As a result, my business, pleasure & my personal power have all been elevated. I highly, highly, highly recommend working with Sasha & am so honoured to sing her praises.
M.K. New Zealand

Testimonials about the Tarot Course

Sasha has it seems life long experience with tarot. Her knowledge of the cards is deeply ingrained. She teaches you how to look at the cards, where to look for symbols that can inspire interpretation and can spark intuition. I'd recommend Sasha definitely if you want to know the basics, but also when you really want to know what tarot is all about. 
Mirjam Irene
I loved Sasha's tarot class. It suited me so well as it was creative and intuitive. The tarot came over as a story and I can see where I fit my own life into any single point in that story and find my friends characters and journey too. Sasha is so warm and inclusive that the whole course was a delight.
Tarot tarot…the ancient path we’ve heard so much of and maybe experienced a little has fascinated me for a long time but I hadn’t ‘learnt’ it.
When I took Sasha’s course in tarot I was so happy to have her as my teacher due to her bubbly, open and sensitive soul. I was not disappointed she makes everything so fun and accessible. The way Sasha created the ‘story’ and visual of how the tarot weaves the stages of life through each card truly brought this deck to life and made it so much easier to understand and connect to. Sasha gave us so many tips and ideas for different styles of decks and what interpretation they brought out along with her own personal experiences. I loved every lesson and highly recommend exploring the Tarot with Sasha